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What makes us special

Top technológie

Top technology

Our solutions require us to use the most modern technologies, thanks to which we can optimize processes.

Profi tím

Professional team

We employ people with high-quality education and many years of experience in the field, whom we support in gaining further experience.

Zamestnanecké benefity

24 hours a day

Multichannel communication, which we provide continuously day and night 24/7.

Antonín Pospíšil

„I knew,
that others do it wrong“

People often talk about an unpleasant experience with unqualified operators who do not care about the needs of the customer. This is not the way I wanted to work in the company. And since I gained my know-how during the years of working in the call center, I therefore decided to establish PARADIGMA, in which I put all my knowledge and experience in the industry.

As the leader of our call center, I am committed to providing excellent customer service. Our operators are trained in the best customer service techniques and believe that every call is an opportunity to make a good impression. We believe that a simple and effective way to keep customers happy is to pay attention to them, listen to them, and be responsive to their needs.

Antonín Pospíšel - CEO Paradigma

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