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Information line (inbound)

The operator receives the call from the customer, provides him with the required information, navigates him, executes orders with him, or provides him with technical assistance. Using the IVR (interactive voice system), we can direct calls according to the type, product and selected language. We cover for you complex customer line services in the required range, language mutations and in unlimited working hours. We also provide an online report and recordings of all calls.

Telesales (outbound)

We will increase your efficiency in acquiring new customers. Each group of customers is different, so it is important to choose the right marketing strategy. We will reach out to a large number of new or existing customers from your database on your behalf and negotiate direct sales of your products or services with them.


We ensure active calling of customers with the existing database, including clear web configuration of the call script, which is always displayed to the operator. We also present clear reports and statistics. We also support manual campaigns as well as predictive auto dialer campaigns.

Robotic call

This is a special telephone campaign with telephone numbers that PARADIGMA will automatically call according to the rules you set in advance.


Allows you to add a callback request widget to your website. The website visitor can enter his phone number and the time when he wishes to be contacted, and PARADIGMA will then call him.

Mystery calls and mystery shopping

Do you need to independently verify how your employees are acting on behalf of your company? With the help of mystery calls and mystery shopping, we will monitor the level of your customer service. For example, whether your employees follow the sales procedure and are friendly to the customer, or whether they offer additional services and goods according to the sales concept.