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The pillars of PARADIGMA are:
customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and company satisfaction. The fourth and most important is the pillar trust which connects us and holds us together.
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Customer experience
We will help improve the customer experience
  • In the form of feedback
  • An active campaign for your product / service
  • By collecting information about purchasing behavior
  • Central records (e.g. purchases, complaints)
  • Customer awareness
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Communication channels

phone calls







Smart numbers

SMS Campaigns

Marketing campaigns
We will improve customer service from the point of view of technological innovations
  • We will interconnect the systems
  • We will set up Task Management
  • We will streamline customer waiting on the line through IVR
  • We will ensure a clear display of statistics
  • We will set up automation in the form of Site-2-Site Tunnel
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Supporting technologies

Internal CRM

Online reporting


Robotic calls
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We will propose a solution to make the product or service more attractive
  • Do you want to promote your product / service?
  • Are you trying to keep customers or get new ones?
  • Do you want to make the product / service more transparent?
  • Do you want to bring more automation to your processes?
  • Do you want to support the sale of a product / service?
  • You want to effectively reward your customers?
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