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What problem did you have before ordering our service?

I wouldn't call it a problem, but rather a difficult task was the precise definition of the operator's procedure (telephone script) for the individual services that we offer to our clients through Paradigm. These procedures subsequently became part of the overall processes of communication and solving the company's tasks. At the same time, it was necessary to invest a certain amount of time in the training of operators and thus transfer part of our expertise to them.

Were your expectations met?

Yes, the cooperation gradually expanded to include areas that we did not consider at all at the beginning. We greatly appreciate the low turnover in the operator team and their great desire to learn and advance professionally.

What benefits have you gained thanks to our cooperation?

Clearly client satisfaction. And the client's satisfaction also means a higher chance for maintaining or expanding cooperation. In addition, Paradigm operators deal with really critical situations where speed and accuracy must be 100% guaranteed and addressed.

Would you recommend us to others?

Of course. I think that, in general, clients mainly require fast and trouble-free communication with the provider of any service, and Paradigma can significantly help in this.



Miroslav Malovec
Buisness Development Manager
LeasePlan SK