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Helpdesk - Email

We will provide a multi-channel help desk with a modern web interface for clear processing of various customer requests as well as internal company tasks. Customers enter new requests via chat, SMS, phone, web chat or email. The helpdesk can intelligently process them and advise each customer in a clear communication history.


It is a communication channel that should not be missing on any sales website. Our operators handle incoming web chats directly in the application.


The chatbot can communicate in real time with a large number of users at once, and it is also possible to communicate with each user in a two-way and personalized manner. The advantage is low user acquisition costs and also effective and interactive communication.

Voicebot is an artificial intelligence tool for automatically handling incoming or outgoing calls. In the event that one or the other party does not understand, the voicebot can deal with the situation and can ask again or, on the contrary, repeat the question. The advantage is communication 24/7.

SMS Chat

They serve as a tool for individually or collectively addressing your current or new customers. We will send mass SMS with information about your advertising campaigns or individually remind you of the agreed dates. We also use SMS services as a supplement to telemarketing activities. It goes without saying that the sending of SMS messages can be customized according to your requirements. As needed, we can send them one time or in waves. We can replace the phone number with the name of your company and we can ensure the collection of replies to sent SMS.

Facebook Messenger

It allows you to quickly and easily connect your Facebook customers with PARADIGMA contact center operators. Customers can contact your company via Facebook Messenger by sending a private message, which is then served in the contact center by operators according to the specified priorities.

WhatsApp Business

It also enables simple and fast communication and is currently among the most frequently used communication channels. It also allows you to communicate between companies directly from your mobile, and that's completely free.

Viber Business

Viber is a free messaging and calling app. Thanks to the mobile interface, it allows customers to communicate with each other and with companies for free.

Smart numbers

An effective way to provide the customer with adequate care is to establish a preferential number. Thanks to this step, the customer will get the necessary information at the right time, which will increase not only the level of customer service, but also customer satisfaction.

0800 - Green line

A free helpline for calls, thanks to which the client is motivated to call, because he will get the required information for free and immediately. Repeated, unauthorized calls can be eliminated through the so-called blacklist.

0850 - Blue line

Works the same as the Green Line. It serves customers to call at lower prices, while part of the fee for received calls is paid by the originator and part by the caller.